Goals of the Department:

1 – Teaching and training the student to reach it to a distinct level through the identification of environmental problems in the field of environmental pollution of various types and how to protect human and animal from its risks by scientific methods serve in this direction.

2 – The Department seeks to develop the educational and research process for the students of the college and the teaching and their assistants.

3 – Attempting to use the available techniques in the forensic medicine and toxicology field and bringing modern techniques to keep pace with the advanced scientific trends in the field of specialization related to community service and environmental development.

4-Preparing a veterinarian capable of diagnosing and treating poisonings in animals and birds and is able to deal with various methods of detection and quantitative and qualitative assessment of all types of toxins and environmental pollutants and to be able to examine suspected criminal cases and write forensic medical reports to the legal authorities.

5-To be comprehensive with the veterinary laws, procedures and regulations of the organization of the profession and the veterinary quarries, as well as the surrounding environmental problems and find appropriate solutions by contacting and cooperating with the concerned authorities.

6- Conducting specialized training courses for veterinarians.

7 – employing the graduating programs in the department to study the environmental problems and find appropriate solutions to them.

8- Emphasizing the constructive role of the department in cooperation with the Veterinary Services Center and the Center of Inter-University Studies and Research, and trying to develop the performance of the analytical units of the department, as well as establishing  new units of a special nature to meet the needs of the market and community service and development of evidence.

Academic staff of the Department:




Academic degree

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Dr. Ahmed Medhat Hegazy

Toxicology and forensic medicine





DVM.Wafaa Hassanein Mohammed Hassanein

Toxicology and forensic medicine

Assistant lecturer