Youth welfare administration of the faculty announced the social activity and trip administration organizes the following contest:
”Ideal student contest”
Those who want to participate have to connect with the official of youth welfare to know the conditions of the contest in a date no later than 31/10/2019.
Conditions of the contest :
1-A copy of ID- A copy of card- 3 Personnel photos.
2-Good conduct certification and never get previous sanctions from the faculty.
3-Degrees and previous grades certifications approved from the faculty.
4- Bring C.V. on CD desk+ printed version.
5- Any appreciation certifications ,medals or participated certificates the student got it from any field inside or outside the university through his/her social participation with the external institutions.
-General conditions of ideal student:
1-Prep and first batch students have no right to participate.
2-Must have at least a good grade in previous years.
3-To be scientific and moral distinguished during his/her studying years in the faculty.
4-Has effective contributions in the programs of community services and volunteer work and participated in private associations and educational organizations.
5-Has good connection skills and reaction.
6-Has the ability to connect with several of foreign cultures.