Aswan University is one of the top 300 universities according to the British Times Ranking

Prof.Ahmed Ghallab Mohammed –Aswan University President announces about the insertion of Aswan University among the best 300 universities on the worldwide level according to British Times Ranking in terms of  achieving   the goals of sustainable development. He declared this ranking is regarded as one of the strongest international ranking for universities on the level of worldwide, he confirmed the insertion of Aswan University in this international ranking is considered as evidence for progressing in implementing of Higher Education’s Plan within the university based on the instructions of Prof.Khailed Abdul Ghaffar –Minister of High Education ,he point out to the insertion of Aswan University in this ranking also reflects the distinguished… Read More

The Opening of the First Branch of Quality Assurance Authority of Education at the Level of South Upper Egypt in Aswan University

Prof.Ahmed Ghallab Mohammed -Aswan University President signed a cooperation protocol with Dr.  Johansen Eid – Chairman of the National Authority for Quality Assurance of Education to open the first branch of organization on the level of South Upper Egypt in university headquarter in New Aswan city. Ghallab declared that the new branch of the organization will serve the pre-university education stage that includes schools and different Azhar institutes,  its opening is considered a big achievement for Aswan University because it serves the education process not only in Aswan University but also in South of Upper Egypt entirely. He explained that this  branch is the seventh branch of the national authority for quality assurance of education… Read More

Aswan University Looks forward to Hosting the Next Session of Arab Universities Conference Union

Prof.Ahmed Ghallab Mohammed-Aswan University President confirmed that we forward to host the next session of the conference of Arab Union Universities in the light of providing all the necessary components to host the big international conference in Aswan.  By the press releases of ”Ghallab” through his participation in the opening of 52 sessions of the conference of Arab Universities Union which is hosted by Helwan University In Sharm El Sheikh city through two days under the patronage of  Prof.  Khaled Abdul Gaffar-Minister of High Education. Ghallab declared the success of Arab African Youth Forum under the patronage and attendance of president/Abdel Fattah El Sisi-the president of the Arab Republic of Egypt… Read More

Establishment of a Branch of Aswan University in Toshka.

A delegation from Aswan University headed by Aswan University president Prof.Ahmed Ghallab met with Mohamed Abdelati- Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation to study the possibility to establish a branch of Aswan University in Toshka project in order to be the nucleus of a new urban society inside this huge national project. Ghallab said that the goal of establishing a branch of Aswan University in the project of the development of South Valley in Toshka is taking the most advantage from the investment, the big infrastructure of the huge project, moreover developing Toshka area entirely by Aswan University which is considered the experience source. He added it is suggested the… Read More

The First Conference of the Upper Egypt Universities Towards a Sustainable Development Map for South Upper Egypt.

In the light of the development in the various fields under the leadership of the President of the Republic- Abdel Fattah  El-Sisi; the Egyptian universities have to activate their tasks to participate effectively in setting the conceptual framework and scientific planning for the development. Conference Themes: -creative solutions for the current developmental challenges. –New visions for developing some sectors. -New mechanisms to invest the available and latent resources. -Non-typical development for some areas. -The mechanisms of financing and marketing development projects and human capacities in South Upper Egypt.  -Show of successful development models in Egyptian and Arab governorates.  To participate in the conference, send the research proposals submitted to the… Read More

The Presentation of an Important Technical Event for Aswan University Students

For the sake of continuous cooperation between IBM, ITI and Aswan University, the technical event will be presented “IBM Digital-Nation Africa Innovation Day” for the students of the faculties of Engineering, Computer & Information Technology, Computer Sciences.IBM is s very careful to present the first technical event of ITI in Aswan University immediately after the signature of the cooperation protocol between the Ministry of Communications &Technological Information and Aswan University to add a new branch of ITI in Aswan University. On Thursday which is corresponding 28 March 2019 at the Conference  Hall,  Faculty of Engineering, the students who want to attend have to register on the following link:       … Read More

Activation of Free Permission for “Microsoft”

Details Created on: Wednesday,6 March 2019.  Aswan University ‘s Information Technology and Communication Center has the honor to announce the activation of free permission for Microsoft Company’s programs and resources that enable students and academic staff to get them by their university-e-mail. To log in click here. Enjoy with all available Microsoft  programs in addition to 100 USD in your Microsoft account..


The Department of Graduate Studies in the Faculty announces the opening of the enrollment to the Master’s and Postgraduate Studies in the period from 1/3/2019 to the end of 31/3/2019. The required papers for the enrollment: 1- Graduation certificate. 2-The equivalence of these certificates from the Supreme Council of Universities if it is obtained from a private university or non-university institute or private institute. 3-Statement about the evaluation of courses during the study years as stipulated in   internal regulations of faculties. 4- Birth certificate. 5-4 Photos. 6-Approval of the employer “or an endorsement that he/she is not employed by the government or the public sector” 7- Determining the position of recruitment (Led service-Final Exemption-Postponement for… Read More

Statements of The Prime Minister about The Development of Aswan University

Prof/Mustafa Madbouli-the prime minister surveys the new campus of Aswan university in New Aswan City during his visit to Aswan on Sunday, 10/2/2019 accompanied by the minister of housing , utilities and urban communities as well as  the ministers participate in the tour ,with presence of the governor and vice-minister of higher education for university’s affairs and Prof/Ahmed Ghallab  -Aswan University President. Madbouli listens to the explaintion about the new campus of university which is implemented for providing the educational services, and it was referred to that the new campus of Aswan university includes(7 faculties) until now which are : Faculties of (law-AL sun-Archaeology-Commerce-Arts- Dar Uloom and finally Human Medicine) also halls have… Read More

The Annual Scientific Event Of the Japan Society for the promotion of Science entitled (Research and Study in Japan)

Under the patronage of Aswan University President Prof/ Ahmed Ghallab Mohammed, and as a part of Aswan University efforts  to promote the scientific research,Aswan university hosts the annual scientific event for the Japanese society to improve the sciences entitled ( Research and Study in Japan).On Tuesday, 5/3/2019 at the Faculty of Agriculture- Aswan University in Sahara city. From the Japanese side, the event will be hosted Prof/ Naoko Fukami-the manager of the Japanese society office, Cairo branch as well as Ms/ Masaya Mapuchi – assistant office manager. From the Egyptian side Prof/ Ibrahim Tantawi Al Sayed- Menoufia University Professor and the Manager of Japanese Society Graduates, Prof/ Jad Mohammed Al-Qadi… Read More