Council of Aswan University: intensive preparations for the second semester in the light of facing Covid-19

On Monday, the Council of Aswan University is held its session No.( 95) headed by Prof.Ahmed Ghallab Mohammed-Aswan University President by the conference video in attendance of Vice-President for Postgraduate Studies and Research and Vice-Deans. Dr.Ahmed Ghallab-Aswan University President opened the council with welcome the attendance and congratulated his Excellency the President/Abd Al Fattah Al Sisi-President of the Republic, the Prime Minister, and Dr.Khaled Abd Al Ghaffar-Minister of Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research in the occasion of the great June Revolution that returned Egypt’s prestige and founded the corners of the modern state in the various fields under the leadership of his Excellency President/Abd Al Fattah Al Sisi. Prof.Ahmed Ghallab… Read More

Six Competitive Research Projects win funding from Aswan University’s Scientific Research Fund for Sustainable Development for the academic year 2019\2020

The Scientific Committee for Arbitration and Selection the Competitive Projects headed by Prof.Ahmed Ghallab-Aswan University President and the Membership of Dr.Ayman Osman-Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Research and Dr. Mohammed Abd Al Aziz-Dean of the Faculty of Engineering for Postgraduate Studies and Research announced winning six projects have been funded by Aswan University’s Scientific Research Fund and Sustainable Development for the academic year 2019\2020. Prof.Ahmed Ghallab Mohammed-Aswan University President emphasized the importance of scientific research that the university is very interesting it and working on providing the appropriate research environment for carrying out scientific and progressed positions for Aswan University in the global scientific classifications. Dr.Ahmed Ghallab added the… Read More

Management Board of Aswan Sporting Club visited Aswan University and praised its sporting facilities

Prof.Ahmed Ghallab Mohamed-Aswan University President received Captin \Magdy Sibalk-Vice- Chairman of the Management Board of Aswan Sporting Club, and Members of the Administrative Directors, the delegation of Aswan Sporting Club visited the sports facilities at Aswan University as the playgrounds of tennis, volleyball, handball, basketball, and the university sporting stadium; Aswan Club’s delegation praised what Aswan University witnessed an unprecedented boom in the sports facilities. Dr.Ghallab-Aswan University President confirmed the cooperation between the two parties in the sports field and takes the advantage of these sports facilities especially Aswan University Sporting Stadium that will be inaugurated soon, in which a match of football will be held between Aswan Sporting Club… Read More

Aswan University President witnessed a discussion of a Master’s Thesis entitled”the role of the educational foundations in facing the electronic terrorism” at Faculty of Education

On Thursday, Prof.Ahmed Ghallab-Aswan University President made a checking tour at the Faculty of Education and accompanied his Excellency Dr.Radi Abd Al Majeed-Dean of the Faculty of Education to follow up the developments’ work in the faculty and works on decorating and beautifying the facade of the faculty and its entrances to restore the culture form of the faculty. On the other hand, Prof.Ahmed Ghallab-Aswan University President witnessed the master’s thesis of Ms.Jihad Nour-Teaching Assistant in the Department of the Fundamentals of the Education entitled ”the role of the educational foundations for facing electronic terrorism”; members of the discussion committee welcomed Aswan University President Prof.Ahmed Ghallab and congratulated him in… Read More

Aswan University ranked the first place on the level of the emerging Egyptian Universities in the classification of the 2020

Prof.Ahmed Ghallab Mohamed-Aswan University President announced Aswan University ranked the 1st place among the emerging Egyptian Universities less than 50 years and inserting Aswan University in the place 101-150 globally and in the 1st place on the level of the emerging Egyptian Universities less than 50 years, this new classification is considered a new addition to Aswan University that separated from South Valley University in 2012 at its headquarter in Aswan governorate. Ghallab added Aswan University obtained many scientific and research titles among the universal universities and this comes as a coronation for the social, scientific, environmental and research efforts of Aswan University until it became scientific and research edifice… Read More

Media statement for the Supreme Council of the Universities

Today, on Tuesday corresponding to 23\6\2020, the Supreme Council of Universities held its session No.701 headed by Dr.Khaled Abd Al Ghaffar-Minister of Higher Education& Scientific Research in attendance of Dr.Mohamed Latif- the General Secretary of the Council and the heads of the faculties, at the beginning of the session the minister ensured from the regularity of the evaluation process for the students of the transforming years according to the rules and measures that are decided previously by the Supreme Council of Universities, and the last preparations of the universities for conducting the exams of the final batches for the faculties of the second semester for the academic year(2019\2020), the works… Read More

Launching and inauguration of Huawei Academy at Aswan University

On Tuesday, an online meeting is held in attendance of Dr. Amr Talaat -Minister of Communications and Information Technology in participation with Prof.Ahmed Ghallab-Aswan University President for inaugurating Huawei laboratory for the artificial intelligence under the auspices of the Ministry of Communication &Information Technology; Prof.Ahmed Ghallab confirmed on within the framework of the digital transformation and in the light of the crisis of Covide -19 the words of the innovation and development have to be in our minds for finding effective exit for this global pandemic in the present time because of the digital transformation is considered a step for overcoming the economic crisis. The inauguration of Huwaei Academy at… Read More

Aswan University President: the inauguration of the entrepreneurship club & the innovation challenge

Prof.Ahmed Ghallab -Aswan University President announces the Innovation Challenge 2030; under the auspices of Prof.Ahmed Ghallab-Aswan University President, and Dr.Mahmoud Saker-Head of Academy for  Scientific Research &Technology, and Dr.Wafaa Abd Al Rashid-Supervisor on Technology Innovation& Commercialization Offices in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and implementing the executive team of Technology Innovation& Commercialization Offices at Aswan University(Aswan TICO) which announces the Innovation Challenge 2030 for facing the most important social, technological, and industrial challenges to consistent with Egypt’s vision for the sustainable development of 2030. Ghallab added the contest is for everyone whether for the academic staff and their assistants, or Aswan University students, or any innovative from Aswan or from… Read More

Technology Innovation Commercialization Offices at Aswan University

 Technology  Innovation and Commercialization Offices at Aswan University announces the 2030 innovation Challenge – The required terms for the innovation: 1-Keeping up with the strategy of sustainable development for Egypt’s vision 2030. 2-Be able for applying. 3-To have economic quality and the ability to solve a social problem. 4-To be new and containing creative steps. -The winning projects get the following: 1-Registering intellectual property rights (patent). 2-Financial support for the first model. 3-Technical and scientific consultations. 4-Participating in the local and international contests. 5-Marketing the final production.  The admission for participating in the contest has to contain the detailing description for the suggested idea or the budget in the case… Read More

you make the change

Under the auspices of Prof.Ahmed Ghallab -Aswan University President, Prof.Ayman Osman-Vice University President for Postgraduate Studies and Research, under the supervision of Abd Al Moneam Al Jilani-Vice Dean for the Postgraduate Studies and Research Affairs at the Faculty of Social Work in Aswan University, (You make the change) initiative has been launched that aims to the serious awareness with the importance of 1-Maintaining health and drinking more hot liquids and fresh juices that contain vitamins. 2-Not leaving the house only in the case of the necessity. 3-Wearing the mask nearly all the time and keeping distances with people. 4-Caring for washing hands with soap and water. 5-Caring for washing vegetables… Read More