The library organizes the system of borrowing, whether internal or external, according to the rules of laws of Al-Azhar University, as follows:
Internal borrowing:
The library uses the open shelves system to record all the books in the library of the faculty on a computer in the library and the work of an electronic search system for these books to indicate the position of the book inside the library. This is to facilitate access to it and to save time and effort of the researcher as well as the library staff. The largest number of researchers at the lowest time and effort with the follow-up of the library staff and researchers to help them, and after the end of the researcher is based on the work of the library to return the books to their places so as not to disrupt the order or lose.
External borrowing: 
– The number of books are decided according to the borrower as follows:
– Assistant Professor has the right to borrow  five books.
– Associated professor , teaching assistant and employees have the right to borrow three books.
– The system of borrowing  warns photocopying the scientific thesis  as well as scientific journals ,dictionaries , atlases and encyclopedias , bibliographies and one copy books outside the library, but allowed to use within it.
– The period of borrowing shall be one month from the date of the borrowing of the book. If the borrower fails to return  the book on the certain time,  notified with warning, if he does not respond, the university shall be addressed to take the legal action against him by deducting the book price from his salary with adding 10% administrative fees.