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The library is one of the most important sections of the faculty because it is based on the service of students and scientific research, which is the ultimate goal of the educational process and therefore it is addressed to many of the addresses, correspondence and scientific gifts  as follows:
Some books and periodicals are presented to the library as a gift. A scientific committee for the library is formed by the professor / dean of the faculty, which includes professors from the departments of the faculty to examine the scientific content of these books and their financial pricing and submit their report to the university to determine the validity of these books or not. 
The library lists these books with the college numbers and adds them in the library register and put them in a visible place inside the library to benefit from them.
In addition to the scientific messages that are discussed within the college, an official letter from the postgraduate studies that this message has been discussed and approved and accompanied by a CD (CD) and registered and placed inside the library to benefit researchers from them.
The annual financial link, which includes the specific amount of the library of the college, is returned to the library every year to purchase the required library. After learning this amount through its library committee, the role of the scientific books is addressed to submit their offers and lists of books available at their prices. In order to choose what they need from them and commensurate with the offers and discounts and after that are addressed to the publishing house, which was selected books, according to the wishes of the heads of departments and after the presentation to Professor Dean of the Faculty to provide these books and then get the library’s secretary and employees of the library  register theses books in the financial book note of the library according the prices of the library and register it in the public register of the library,add it to the statement of the library check amount Accounting unit of the branch through the financial procedures carried out by the financial affairs altogether.
The librarian and the library staff shall