Environmental affairs

Environmental affairs:

First: brief about the role of the faculty in social service and the environmental improvement:

Veterinary medicine faculty -Aswan University is considered one of the important faculties in serving the society and the environment which their graduates seek to keep and look after the health of the animals, and health control on animal production. Since veterinary medicine saves humans from a lot of diseases, so the faculty holds educational symposiums and send medical convoys inside the centers and villages of Aswan to make people aware of diseases and how to protect them and provide them with medicines.

Second: goals of medical convoys.

- Providing the health care and veterinary services to the different poor villages in Aswan.

- Strengthening the spirit of voluntary work among youth during the examination of animals and birds and health and social survey on villages.

- Preparing an educational and social program.

- the direct contact between faculty students and the veterinary work market.

- providing great opportunities to develop the scientific research plans. 


- encouraging teaching staff of the faculty to do the applied and scientific research and studies.

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