A trip to Luxor

The general  administration of students welfare "the administration of social activity and trips'' announces a trip to (Luxor ) to visit Luxor tourist milestones

from 30/11/2018 to 1/12/2018.

The students who want to participate in the trip have to go to the youth welfare  office  to pay participation fees which are (70 L.E) and present the required papers  until  Thursday ( 22/11/2018),in the case of non-completion of numbers  the participation will be paid to the general administration for central students welfare ,the trip will include  

visit to Hatshepsut Temple-Karnak Temple- a Nile cruise with music –cabriolet-free tour

Knowing that:

*The faculties of (arts-social work-sciences-engineering-energy engineering-laws-commerce-education-alsun) their trip will be on Friday (30/11/2018) with participation of 20 students.

*The faculties of (veterinary medicine-nursing-specific education –physical education-fisheries technology- agriculture &natural resources-archaeology-Dar Al-Uloom) their trip will be on Saturday (1/12/2018) with participation of 18 students.











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