Start of the first round of student union elections at Aswan University

  Under the patronage of Prof.Ahmed Ghallab Mohammed –Aswan University president, yesterday was the launch of the first  round of student union elections at Aswan University, which include  the elections of committee members  at the level of all batches with noticed  turnout of the  students

Prof.Hanan Abd  Almonem  Awad –vice president for education and students affairs and the chairman  of the  higher  committee  which are supervising students' union elections declared that the total number of candidates in this elections  is ( 753) students from all faculties , so that  two members of each committee (7 committees) will be chosen from  each batch.

She explained that the elections were held  in (7) faculties (science-agriculture-alsun-education-commerce-law-medicine)but the rest of the  faculties  (12 faculties) and technical nursing institute the choosing of its student  committee members will be through recommendation or appointment. She said that the elections started at 9am and continued to 3pm.


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