Military education management in university announces holding military education course number(2) that is decided will be held during the period from 6/7/2019 to 18/7/2019 noted that :
1-The students must be the graduates of the academic year (2018/2019) or the previous year, who didn’t get the military education course.
2- Registration from 19/6/2019 to 2/7/2019 and at students’ affairs and deliver it to military education management for approval.
3- Students have to bring the following documents:
1-Proof of faculty enrollment.
2-2 Personal Photos.
3-Copy of ID card.
4-Plastic clipboard.
5-Students who have medical situation have to finish the procedure of medical check in the medical administration before starting the course.
6-During the course only emergency situations are considered.
7-Students who won’t come to the course is considered residuum.