The government entities and university have announced the opening door of subscription for participation in the contest entitled ” Egypt Award for Governmental Excellence” for the students of Egyptian universities in order to win the award valued with one million pounds for the winning team. In the light of the project of ministry of planning for developing the institutional work; ministry of planning has announced Egypt awards for governmental distinguishing, governmental services applications for the students of universities that aim to contribute in finding practical solutions include implementing a real mutation in the level of presenting governmental services in Egypt, enabling youth to participate in developing the governmental work, especially the students of universities in cooperation with minister of high education and scientific research.

Prof.Ahmed Ghallab Mohammed –Aswan University President confirmed on the interesting of the university to participate in the two contests and encourage the faculties to appear in the distinguished institutional form.
Egypt award of governmental services applications are considered annual contest for Egyptian students in the educational buildings in the Arab Republic of Egypt in the smart applications of government services have been launched by mobile in the Cairo International fair for communications and technological information in the last November.
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